3 affordable ways to get around London

1. Get an oyster card if you prefer to walk more and take very few trains
The oyster card will provide you with a slightly cheaper fare as compared to buying single tickets. It’s 2.10 pounds for a journey in the first zone regardless of whether you’re going 1 stop ahead or 10. So I’d recommend taking the second option below if you prefer to take more short journeys. If not, take the tube to the area in which you’d like to explore, then go on foot from there. The weather should be nice enough for you to hike around the city. There aren’t many hills, stairs or slopes so it should be an extremely comfortable walk. The best part of London is that they have these maps every few blocks or so that point out where you are currently and street maps in both directions! Its difficult to get lost while walking with these useful maps everywhere

2. Purchase a 7 day pass for £31.40 
If you prefer to save time and take more trains, take this option. If not, you’ll wind up paying an equivalent amount of money over a period of 3-4 days (*That is assuming that you go all around London and not just spend one full day shopping in Oxford Street). The staff at the station advised me to purchase the 7 day pass when I just arrived, but I decided against it since I wasn’t staying a week. Eventually, the amount of money I spent on transport within my 4 day stay added up, so do consider this option.
*Different price range based on different zones : Check price here

3. Cheapest mode if you’re an active individual : rent a Barclays bicycle.
There are many bicycle points scattered all over the city and you can easily pick up a bicycle when you need one and drop it off at the next point of your destination. It costs £2 for 24 hours but here’s the “fine print”: it’s only free for the first 30 minutes. Anything after will be charged to your credit card based on how long you’re holding the bike for. The longer you hold it, the higher the charge. For about 1.5 hours you’ll be paying £4 on top of the initial payment of the £2. So technically, you could travel for 25 minutes, then return the bicycle and check one out a new one again. Think of it as a small trick to get pass the system, but don’t overdo it.

Happy Commuting! 🙂


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