A desert Christmas party hijacked by Grinch children

On Christmas I managed to meet up with Michael in Pushkar, Rajasthan. We first met in Kathmandu in Nepal and was sent on a treasure hunt with a hand drawn map in Pokhara, where he had hidden his spare tube of vegemite under a hotel bed. Of course, these crazy Australians travel with not just 1 tube of vegemite, but TWO.

Fast forward to 1 month later in India, we meet up again for the festive season and decided to throw a Christmas party !!! But before that we enjoy vegemite toasts for breakfast on a regular basis. ~*CELEBRAAAATIONS*~

The plan was to go into the desert and celebrate Christmas, since Pushkar being a holy city forbids alcohol and eggs (i know, right? WHO BANS EGGS). We gathered a troop of people we met over the next couple of days and worked out transportation with some locals who had a van. Everything was going super well ! 10 points for organizing a last minute Christmas party!

Packing food, sweets, presents and little christmas surprises, we made our way out of the city grounds to purchase booze from the wine stores outside Pushkar. Then we drove into the middle of nowhere, hiked up to a high view point, got our clothes trapped in some cacti and found a perfect little picnic spot.

The view was spectacular, quiet and vast. And no it wasn’t illegal to drink outside the city grounds ! Let the celebrations begin~ *pops bottle cap off beer*

IMG_3177 IMG_3178
Here’s Michael calling dibs on the best spot by the rocks, enjoying a cold beer.

We started flying some kites which proved to be embarrassing because the wind just kept blowing it down the hill. At this point we realise that we’ve got company. There were mysterious silhouettes of children accompanied by tall cactuses at the top of the slope. Maybe it was the kite flying fail, or just the amount of noise we were making, but a group of kids had gathered around to watch us.


Michael went over to say hello and they were shy at first. After multiple invitations for them to join us, they gradually came one by one. Since Christmas is a spirit of giving we thought it’d be nice to have some local kids join our little party and share everything we had.

We also organised a last minute Kris Kringel where everyone brought a gift. Exchanging the gifts was so much fun! People really got creative because of the budget and lack of Christmas/gift stores in Pushkar. There were a lot of notebooks going around… hahahah

Issey received a massage voucher from her secret santa! Which.. I’m sure she never claimed because the guy left the next day (lol)

Michael bought a terribly tight fitting Ganesh tshirt for Tom as a token of love for their month long bike-buddy bromance! But I think he pulled it off pretty well, and with that charming Indian style pose too!


This was where the kids started getting a little out of hand. We noticed that they had slowly finished all our sweets, attempted to steal alcohol, and one of them even kept the harmonica that I bought for my secret santee in his pocket ! One of the younger kids ratted out the older boy that had stole it and then he eventually returned it. We immediately all keep our valuables close and watch over everything carefully. It was getting out of hand.

This was the moment we began to realise that the kids were overstaying their welcome. By the end of it all, all the kites that I’d bought was gone, we lost all our food and some other things as well. But that wasn’t going to dampen our spirits !

I bust out the holi coloured powder MEH HEH. Coloured powder fight !!! I can’t remember at which point someone distributed little puffy heart stickers that we all put on our faces lol. We are such children.

IMG_3210 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3230
Michel found green powder in her nose ring the next day hahahah…

Shortly after, we make our way down to lower grounds mainly to avoid the children, and so that it would be easier to return back to the main road, past all those plants with thorns in the dark.

The boys started a wild fire while I did henna for the girls. SWELL TIME

And this sums up the story of how the Grinch kids stole our Christmas in India ! It was actually a pretty good festive celebration despite being semi0-robbed by the desert kids! One of them even tried to steal my ring TWICE while shaking my hands as we bid farewell in the dark. Well done, kiddos. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget.


Wanderer of lands, searcher of souls. Last seen tree hugging and running wild into the mountains. Might have eaten all the ice cream in the tub.

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