Beach hopping from Arugam Bay to the South coast

With weeks into my Sri Lanka trip, it was time to hit the beach once I was done with all the inland attractions. And was I in serious need of some relax time and a beer ! Not that I needed a tan or anything, I mean, I was getting so tanned just walking around in the intense heat for weeks that I started to look like I wasn’t Chinese anymore.


So the beach hopping started at Arugam Bay on the East Coast, one of the best surf spots in the world. Apparently the place is really popular for their reef breaks. Luckily I visited in low season, because everything here was SO expensive ! The accomodation was pretty alright because we could negotiate, but cost of food was exorbitant.

Stayed at this guesthouse and managed to get a rather reasonable price, and the owner was always enthusiastic to have BBQ parties

DSC_8019 IMG_6855
Ate at this restaurant and the menu made me burst out laughing for a good 5 minutes as the man tried to take my order. He was a real sport too, playing house music on his radio and dancing along to the beats. Gotta love his energy! So what really cracked me up for days was “Sees Toes”. Apparently that translates to “Cheese Toast” as he pronounced it in his Sri Lankan accent. DYING OVER HERE~  Okay moving on.


IMG_9248 IMG_9250
The beaches were crowded with fishermen on most days, not sure if this is because it’s low season…

 IMG_6857 IMG_6858
But once you explore out towards the far ends and there are many quiet spots to find. We hung around with some guys working at the bar as they were slacklining

Since there was nothing to do by the beach, Adam & I rented a scooter and took our own little safari bike tour. This was to replace the fact that I couldn’t go for the Yala National Park tour for 2 reasons. #1 it was too far away and there wasn’t any time #2 I didn’t have the budget for it 🙁

IMG_9130 IMG_9140
IMG_9153 IMG_9168
Our self guided tour was pretty eventful though! Rode around to places that were completely secluded where it was just us and the wild, seeing wild peacocks, elephants and countless attempts to spot crocodiles.


Getting lost as usual but found some nice spots

IMG_9204 IMG_9218
There was actually so much to see just exploring by ourselves on a bike. Simply ask the locals where to see certain animals and they’ll point you in the direction. So maybe I didn’t get to see leopards in a jeep, but this was close enough and as natural as it can be.

Elephant crossing?


Even found a really nice beach that was empty and away from all the insane tourists and chargeable umbrella chairs and sundecks.

Sunset before riding back into Arugam Bay’s main town


A few hours by bus would land us on the South coast, which wasn’t too unbearable of a journey. But as usual the bus ticket attendants try to rip us off and charge us a lot more than what the locals pay. I for one hate that kind of dishonesty and had to call him out for it.

IMG_9263 IMG_9269 IMG_6960
Out of the many beaches along the south coast, I chose to stay in Mirissa because the other travellers that I met on the way recommended that for cheap lodging. Using that as a base, I would then take buses along the coastline to see other beaches.

IMG_9273 DSC_8133 IMG_9271 IMG_9286
& Because my travel buddy was a surf enthusiast, we headed down to Weligama where he taught me how to surf (SCORE! FREE SURF CLASSES). This beach was THE perfect beach to go to as a beginner since the waves were gentle and the board rentals were dirt cheap. It would cost approx $5 a day for a board !

IMG_9316 IMG_9322
Unawatuna was supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but because of that many resorts have since sprouted up. And with a famous beach destination and high end resorts, that only means one thing –  Russian tourists. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Russians but the stereotypical Russian tourists are just plain obnoxious in my opinion. They spoil tourism by paying for everything and anything, even exorbitant amounts because they simply can.

IMG_9332 IMG_9343
One of the things I wanted to see really badly was the stilt fishing that most Sri Lanka travel guides feature. So I asked some locals and they recommended that the best place to see it was along the coastline near Weligama. I was really disappointed to find the fishermen demanding money from tourists JUST to take pictures. They were trying to profit from photos that people are taking for an outrageous price, and it didn’t help that a bunch of Chinese/Japanese tourists just paid them! And the worst part was that they weren’t even really stilt fishing, the fishermen were just sitting on the stilts pretending to be busy, yelling at people who try to sneak photos without paying. Such culture is really a shame in a beautiful place like that. Of course our refusal to be extorted for such nonsense means we simply sat by the rocks from afar and watched this horrible act go on while trying to enjoy the sunset. What a mood kill.

DSC_8097 IMG_6903

Apart from that, I spent the last leg of my trip in Sri Lanka enjoying a beer and fries along with crazy beautiful with big orange sunsets on a daily basis back in Mirissa.

Man, I really miss those bright surreal looking sunsets :/


Wanderer of lands, searcher of souls. Last seen tree hugging and running wild into the mountains. Might have eaten all the ice cream in the tub.

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  1. bluewhaleyy says:

    Hi there Dara!!
    I just want to say thank you for your in depth posts and its great hearing your adventures! I started following your blog since a while ago because I like how you write and the whole agenda of the blog!
    But its so coincidental, that you just went to Sri Lanka!!
    Because my best friend and I are going as well, in less than 2 weeks time and really, your posts help us a lot in that! Thank you!
    We can’t wait for Sri Lanka! You have no idea!!


    • Dara says:

      Hey Sylvia
      Glad to know you enjoyed the blog! Anyway I visited Sri Lanka earlier this year but I never had time to post anything proper, most of the content I have aren’t updated while I’m on the road. Anyway, I hope it’s not too outdated and still helps in the planning of your trip. Sri Lanka is an amazing place, I’m posting an entry soon for the whole journey in Sri Lanka including my route, so watch out for that 🙂 thanks for the support and safe travels! x

  1. August 28, 2014

    […] BEACH HOPPING  Starting from the East coast at Arugam Bay, I headed towards the South coast where Mirissa, Unawatuna and more beautiful beaches await. Since it was low season at the East coast during my visit, there wasn’t much to do on the beach. But the South coast was incredibly crowded and had really nice beaches despite the inflated prices here. Read more about that journey here: Beach hopping from Arugam Bay to the South coast […]

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