Day trip to Chichen Itza

‘Chichen Itza. Chicken Pizza.’ The tour guide was funny, teasing us to make sure we payed attention to what he was saying about one of the new seven world wonders. We were outside the entrance of the most famous Mayan temple city. Packed to the brim with tourists, we were given our tickets and shuffled into the snaking queue. On our way in, the security at the entrance told us that our bags were too big and not allowed to be brought in. We had to check our bags into the bag storage facility.

The bag storage facility was hidden behind the toilets. An exit that led to a small backyard square where people were queuing to leave their bags and were given a tag ID. After getting the tag, we rejoined the queue again to enter Chichen Itza, and that is when we realise our tour guide started the tour without us.

We just wandered around the huge perimeters of the mayan temple city, not too sure about its history or what those stones meant.

Sat on the grass and watched as the sun rose over the stones.

People watched.

Took some photos when people weren’t in the frame and attempted to spot our tour guide in the crowd.

Chichen Itza was not what i expected with all the tourists taking selfies everywhere. The hustle and bustle of people trying to sell you mexican hats. But i suppose it makes the Mayan city more alive than ever.


And here in the ever expanding void am i chained to the railings of circumstance!

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