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This famous backpacker dessert needs a proper, legit. introduction. Heck, it even deserves it’s own post. I’ve been so fascinated with the amount of goodness in this god-like dessert that it could possibly claim credit for at least 3 out of 5 of the kilos that I’ve gained from traveling. So what is it, really?

Technically it’s crumbled cookie/biscuit at the bottom, warm chocolate sauce poured over (some places mix it with chocolate, heated), caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream on top, served with whipped cream, chocolate fudge and nuts.

In short simple words, it’s a bloody parfait made with the best union of very simple ingredients. The fusion of hot and cold, mushy yet crunchy coming together in a sweet harmony.

I first laid my eyes on this beautiful culinary invention in Freedom Cafe in the North lakeside of Pokhara. My friend Stuart had ordered a portion and it came in this magnificent tall sundae glass with swirls of chocolate fudge so generous that you could bathe a baby in. I tried it. It got me hooked. I needed to know more about it. Naturally, I did my research.

~Welcoming the technology of google back into my (then) no-wifi life~

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There’s no known fact as to where Hello To The Queen hails from. It was assumed to have been “invented” by an Israeli traveller who was suffering from a bad case of munchies. Some say it’s an Israeli dish but if you ask them, it really isn’t found anywhere in Israel although it’s so popular amongst the Israelis they named it “Shalom la Malkah”.

Found mostly around India and Nepal, the only way the world will ever know how this indulgent dessert came about is if the person who came up with it actually stepped out and claimed credit for it. As for the name, I’m just going to assume that it was so glorious looking and welcoming that it deserved a name such as “Hello to the Queen”.

Being a HUGE fan of this orgasmic parfait, I made it a point to try as many as I could. There have been disappointing ones in Hampi, really yummy ones in Pushkar where I chowed down while having the munchies myself, the average ones that every other restaurants serve up. Basically, if they had it on the menu, 90% of the time I would have ordered it. Glutton in the making, that’s me.

So if I were to play judge, the best Hello To The Queen I’ve had goes to: Prakash Guesthouse in Begnas Tal, Pokhara, Nepal. It’s right by the boat rental store, offering the panoramic view of the lake and mountains, where I could sit on the boat and have myself a little chalice of cold creamy goodness while soaking up the beautiful landscape visually. Perfection was what it was.

With all the hype going around this dessert, I’m surprised there isn’t a proper recipe despite how simple it is ! This genius person has shared a recipe of how you can make your own. And to make a variation of this dessert, what they call “Hello to the King”, just add dollops of peanut butter! Yay more calories~

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  1. adham says:

    The best Hello to the queen I tried was at Kathamandu , Nepal .
    look for “Cookie Walla” in Thamel , Kathamandu , its certainly the best

  1. May 8, 2015

    […] to talk to everybody and whips up scrumptious meals ! And Prakash Guesthouse served up the best Hello To The Queen I’ve ever  had, though the people aren’t smiling too much, the guesthouse offers a […]

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