Johor Bahru’s Hipster street

Jalan Dhoby is a stone throw away from City Square, near where the customs are located. I’ve been calling it Hipster Street because everything about the area is just… hipster. Expect to find boutique salons, thrift stores, quirky second hand stores that sell refurbished & revamped apparels and furnitures, indie cafes plastered with vintage toys and decorations and even traditional chinese herbal joints.

A lot of people, mostly Singaporeans, visit Johor Bahru only and solely for City Square mall, or KSL Mall. I have to admit that I haven’t been to most parts of Johor myself, apart from where everyone else goes for supper, like Taman Sentosa etc. Here’s a few places (maybe) not everyone knows about, it would be good to share it since this area seems to be getting popular recently.

TGND (The Girl Next Door)
A conceptual vintage store selling second hand goods turned into something quirky. Not only do they sell refurbished items, they also have a wide collection of vintage finds! it is also a boutique salon where you can get your hair cut starting from RM40.


jalan dhobyjalan dhoby IMG_9946 jalan dhoby
Breathing Apparatus Cafe
Connected to TGND, the Breathing Apparatus Cafe is a quaint two storey shophouse cafe. Upon entering you’ll find the whole place decorated with toys and items from the past. Old televisions, vinyl players, mismatch chairs, vintage toys and posters fill the place. You can even chill out at the outdoor balcony area that is shared with TGND. Plus, they make amazing milkshakes and slushies served in plastic buckets (my personal favourite!)


(Unknown) Vintage shop
This is one of the cheaper second hand shops in the area. For some reason I’ve never noticed the name of the place so my apologies if you have to explore a little to find it. You can find things in here starting from RM2, and it’s not a revamped modern day vintage store. If you have the patience to dig through the racks, there’ll be some good and cheap finds !


salon jalan pahang salon jalan pahang
Barber (Go for a shave!)
Traditional indian barber with your regular quick cuts and shave.


Chaiwalla & Co
A pop up container cafe concept that you won’t miss when walking around the streets. Serving pastries and a wide range of drinks, it’s a good place to spend some time at after digging through vintage stores. If you’re feeling the humidity of Johor Bahru, might as well pop by over for a cup of “honest tea”


jalan dhoby
Traditional Herbal Tea shop
Hot day out and need some liang teh? Head over to the Herbal Tea shop, they’ve got glasses of herbal beverages prepared for you to drink on the spot. If you like something sweet, try the chrysanthemum, but if you’re feeling herbal, drink that bitter black concoction which I’m sure is good for you but tastes… ack




Getting there: 

If you cross the road from City Square mall and exit from Jalan Wong Ah Fook, head towards the giant mosque you see and you’ll reach Little India. Don’t know if you’re in Little India? If you hear Bollywood Techno blasting from stores, you’re on the right track. Now make a left into Jalan Trus and walk down the slope. Jalan Dhoby is right there! Or you can follow my poorly illustrated map.


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  1. dip says:

    Im glad your wrote about Jb and like it 🙂

  2. neil says:

    great blog, i found this street when i was looking for laundry places in johor bahru, hence the name of the street dhobi. the people running the dhobi were super nice . at nighttime there is also hipster events at one of the stores, which i forgot the name of. keep up the good writing

  3. supermario says:

    Thanks for the tips:) We’re gonna hit the road in 2 hours time. Cheers!

  4. Xi Fu says:

    I hate when people use the term ‘techno’ for everything, call it euro, edm or electronic – it isn’t all techno!

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