Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party

I’ve heard of the legendary full moon party for the longest time and while I was traveling Southeast Asia, I made sure that I planned my trip in a way that I’d be in Thailand during a full moon. So what’s the verdict, you ask? It was the BEST. PARTY. EVER.

Okay so maybe I haven’t been to enough beach raves in this life (yet), but I can’t think of any other party that could possibly beat this. Not sure if it was the lack of rules and the almost non-existent laws that people were breaking that made the entire experience feel so dangerous and exciting. But it was also the same danger and excitement that made it different from many other beach raves.

Koh Phangan has two famous beaches – the Sunrise Beach and the Sunset Beach, both separated by the town’s laid-back stores and cafes. The former is where the craziness happens. Wooden makeshift stages are lined across the beach and in each section you can find DJs playing music that ranges from EDM, techno to R&B. Handmade neon “structures” are hung above dancing podiums, buckets of booze are for sale everywhere at a really affordable price, people are constantly happy and best of all the music was AMAZING!


In the midst of all these, you can also find a fire skipping rope where the daring folks challenge themselves. It’s simply a thick giant rope soaked in kerosene and lighted up, while two men on each end standing on platforms would swing it a circular direction. Sure, it was intimidating… the heat, the bright flames, the many people who try and fall hard as the rope sweeps their ankle, but I did it. I ran into the huge circular fire and jumped rope like i’ve never jumped before. That adrenaline rush is something I won’t forget so I highly recommend you to try it (if they still have this)

TIP: Be very careful though, you CAN get burnt by the fire if you fall and you don’t want to spend your night sitting in the first aid tent while everyone else continues to have fun.

You can check for upcoming full moon party schedules for the year at this website : http://fullmoonparty-thailand.com/schedules.html

They also have scheduled party dates for random nights like “half moon” and “black moon”. I’m sure these are to accommodate for people visiting Koh Phangan on a non-full moon period but still want to go for a beach rave. But why not go for the original while you’re planning a trip all the way there, right?

Here’s a list of tips for Surviving the Full Moon Party. I’m sure this information should be useful if you’re heading to the upcoming party !

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  1. Rob keller says:

    No doubts Full Moon Party is the beast beach party in the world

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