Krabi’s beach trio

Krabi is more than just Ao Nang. Apart from the many other islands that you can take a day trip to, the three that are connected are none other than Rai Lay, Phra Nang and Tonsai.

Getting to Railay from Krabi town is relatively easy. From the airport take a bus into Ao Nang, then head straight to the beach/pier and grab the boat out. The boats leave quite regularly so there wasn’t a need to book in advanced.


Railay is split into two sides, kind of like Koh Phangan in Thailand. There is Railay West, which has more high end resorts and luxurious accommodations. And on the other side, there’s Railay East which has most of the budget accommodations and cheap bars (towards the end). However the nicer beach is obviously the West as it has nice clear waters while the East side looks more like a mangrove and isn’t good for swimming at all.

IMG_0468 IMG_0470
There seems to be only one store on Railay East selling local food, whereas the rest was western/fusion. Tad bit disappointed.

IMG_0683Amazing bar vibes with mon cushions


Phra Nang beach is beautiful, but crowded. During peak season it is almost difficult to find a quiet spot. Chances are that everyone is side to side laying on their beach towels. There are also many food boats where one can purchase BBQ food, burgers, drinks etc. Be careful of massage scams on this beach though !

IMG_0478IMG_0536IMG_0499 IMG_0501

Rock climbing is insanely popular in Krabi, because of the limestone cliffs. I’ve never done outdoor climbing prior to this but I didn’t think it was going to be that tough or anything so I gave it a shot. It was so physically challenging and I was obviously extremely out of shape so it took a long time for me to start getting used to it.

IMG_0548 IMG_0610 IMG_0657 IMG_0479

Cliff diving is also one of the things to do in Phra Nang. There is a sign that says that people shouldn’t cliff dive during low tide, but there wasn’t anyone watching the place so be careful and check for the tide before leaping off !

IMG_0622 IMG_0625The view of Phra Nang from the cliff!

I never actually made it to Tonsai beach due to the lack of time. But I met some climbers in Phra Nang that was staying there. From what they tell me it seems like this was THE beach for rock climbing enthusiasts. Also the accommodations and food are a lot cheaper on Tonsai since many people stay there for a longer period of time to do climbing all around Krabi.


Railay and Phra Nang beach are easily accessible and within 10 minutes walking distance through a nicely paved road. Monkey sightings are very common. Whereas getting to Tonsai is a little trickier since it requires a trek through the forest, and sometimes having to walk on the beach in the sea during high tide. Definitely not something recommended to do at night!

*See illustrated map below


IMG_0472 IMG_0477


Back at the mainland in Ao Nang
There wasn’t much to do, except for the night market and eating street food. I do recommend renting a bike and riding around the outskirts of the town though, because there is so much better local experiences when you’re away from the commercialized areas! Consider taking a short trip down to “Fossil Shell Beach”, also known as the seashell graveyard. The entire beach is practically covered with more seashells than sand ! Apart from that the beaches in Ao Nang aren’t anything fancy apart from peaceful since there are nicer beaches elsewhere on other islands.


IMG_0742 IMG_0754  IMG_0758 IMG_0835 IMG_0760
Ever tried chicken feet and meatball noodle soup? This was a first and bought off a small motorbike store.

IMG_0788One of the things to do at night which excludes shopping at the overcrowded market is to take a walk by the beach. There are bicycles or bikes with people selling paper lanterns, or you could purchase them at the market where it’s difficult to haggle. On these lanterns, you could write your wishes, light it and set it off into the sky. A very beautiful sight if many people let go these at the same time. Fireworks are also available for sale in some stores.


IMG_0821 IMG_0828
& I shall end this post with extremely adorable pictures of newborn kittens that we saw at a small local food store in the outskirts of Ao Nang. 🙂




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