Mini meals in Japan

My favorite thing to do when I’m in Japan is to visit a vending machine every day. Especially during cold winter days, a hot can of soup cupped in your hands can be the best comfort food ever. A can a day keeps the doctor away! !^_^v

Featured photo credits to Ernest Ho 🙂

vending cans in japan
My all time top favorite: Corn soup! It tastes pretty much like the corn soup from Mos Burger but 10x better.

vending cans in japan
Potato & Cheese Soup! A little bit milky, but still does the trick
vending cans in japan
Meiji Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Milk

vending cans in japan
Ham & Cheese + Egg Mayo sandwich from the super mart + CORN SOUP (again!) This brand seems to have more corn niblets in the can

vending cans in japan
Warm Milk after onsen

vending cans in japan
Tomato Basil soup, a little bit on the sour side

vending cans in japan
Hot Hot Hot Chocolate

vending cans in japan
Ham & Cheese Sandwich and Hot Cocoa for the train ride to Hokkaido

vending cans in japan
Wakame Onigiri. A quick meal while waiting for the train

katsu and macha
Katsu sandwich with Matcha! (Photo from Cherie Ye)

vending machine can
Corn Soup and Pizza from Hakodate! LOOKS SO YUM! (Photo from Cherie Ye)

These would be my top two favorite mini meals in a can!


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