Mother Farm, Chiba

I visited Mother Farm in Japan some time back and fell in love with the place! In the midst of such a busy city like Tokyo, it’s nice to take a day trip out of the capital and place yourself in a quiet farm nestled in Chiba. Expect to see your usual farm animals such as sheep and alpacas, there’s also petting stations for rodents. You can also pick your own fresh fruits at the fruit farms, or simply lay out a picnic mat and enjoy the lush greenery. The sunset view is also spectacular as it overlooks Mount Fuji in the distance.


Entrance to Mother Farm



Spring Flowers



Rodent petting station! Big hit with the kids !



Too much cuteness going on here



Picturesque spots for a homemade picnic



Our friendly farm tour guide herding sheep




Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, the farm covers a huge plot of land and there’s a lot of walking to be done !




Picking fresh tomatoes and kiwis. These go by the weight after picking and I brought them back with me. Super sweet and delicious!



A lot of the animals in this farm aren’t caged up, so expect to see some goats or sheep roaming about freely



IMG_3000Crazy beautiful sunsets in the evening!


Getting to Mother Farm:
Take the JR Line from Tokyo Station to Kimitsu Station, then hop on a free shuttle bus from there that will take you straight to Mother Farm



Suggested schedule:
GOING: JR Kimitsu Stn 10:40 → Mother Farm 11:20
RETURNING: Mother Farm 15:30 → JR Kimitsu Stn 16:10

Address and Opening Hours:
940-3 Tagura Futtsu Chiba Pref.
From 9am to 5pm

Ticket Cost:
You can purchase slightly cheaper advanced tickets at any 7-11, Lawsons or Family Mart, and that would cost ¥1350. Whereas tickets at the entrance are priced at ¥1500.


Wanderer of lands, searcher of souls. Last seen tree hugging and running wild into the mountains. Might have eaten all the ice cream in the tub.

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