Old Kowloon themed arcade in Kawasaki


Tucked away in the less ventured city of Kawasaki lies a legendary arcade housed in huge 8 level building.

Every floor boosts a different kind of entertainment, fun and games. Expect billiards, darts, UFO catches, arcade games from ranging from the 80’s Sega and Capcom machines to the newest games that you can find in all the crazy new Japanese arcades.

The building seems very conspicuous and rundown on the outside, and the entrance is just as mysterious looking. One wouldn’t know what secrets this building has just strolling by. A walk through the first level in a dark and dirty old Hong Kong slum setting proves to be as scary as entering a haunted mansion.




Themed after the Kowloon walled city in Hong Kong, we were marveled by the rustic looking signages and neon light signs. The nervousness we once had was fed by the loud hissing force of air, and walking through the facade was rather nerve-wrecking. But that shortly turned into excitement and awe once we saw how incredibly cool the entire place was!

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It was practically a fun-land meant for the serious arcade lovers. And with the dark setting, the lack of windows, and the reflected neon lights glowing from all the game machines, this is definitely one of those places to lose track of time.

Of course Japan being a vending-machine filled country, there are heaps of those on each level selling drinks, cigarettes and even ice cream. If we had any more time, a few days could easily be spent here.

UFO machines are everywhere in big cities across Japan, but the ones here are another level. You could attempt catching the regular plushes, but why do that when you can try for Haagen Dazs ice cream and giant boxes of unagi flavored potato chips? Unfortunately we are no pros at using those darned UFO clamps, and I’ve just about burnt over $10 on expectations and disappointments.

Beyond the haunting welcome to this insanely cool warehouse, I dare say this is the BEST arcade i’ve ever experienced.


Kawasaki City is only about over an hour away from Tokyo, and there’s also quite a bit to explore so this makes a perfectly good day trip! Of course, it’d be better to start the day early because hours will practically fly by from the moment you enter the Kawasaki Warehouse.

Kawasaki Arcade location:

Japan, 〒210-0024 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Ward, Nisshincho, 3−7

From Tokyo by train: ¥290 one way
Tokaido Line (15mins) / Keihin-Tohoku Line (22 mins)


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