Phuket from a pillion perspective

Smell that scent? Its a mix of petrol, sweat, sand, sea and the promises that Patong has to offer.

As a tourist, looking at Phuket from a pillion perspective made me realise its an island full of possibilities if you have a motorbike. You could spend hours riding up hills in search of different sunset viewpoints and hidden bars in jungles, zig zag through streets you won’t come across on google maps, visit all the beaches or make the same loop around Patong and simply watch the crowd.

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Watch as the locals layout their wares and sell them on the same corner of the street every night. The familiar face of a young lady selling chicken with her boyfriend by the side of the shopping mall. The forlorn lady dressed in frills that smiles when you look at her, selling her basket full of LED hairbands next to the japanese bar near TaiPan. The neat row of hustlers in the middle of Bangla street half-assedly trying to get you to watch a ping pong show at their bar. The masseuse ladies in their figure hugging white t-shirts and orange sarong skirts having dinner while watching the traffic and looking into the eyes of motorcyclists, aware that they are looking at them.

At night, sometimes when we ride past people and i’m pillion, i look at individuals and realise i’m glancing into a very intimate moment of their lives without them knowing. That temporary moment stretches. Loneliness is somehow amplified at night. Even though neon chaos and throngs of people are within the radius, nothing is louder than the silence these people are acquainted with in their personal space. Their stares into nothingness or the wait for the next customer. The daydreamer. The driver. The smoker. The lone foreigner. The one in search of companionship. Everyone is there by the sea, but none really maintaining mindfulness. Just letting time idle by.

All in all, you should probably rent a motorbike.


And here in the ever expanding void am i chained to the railings of circumstance!

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