Sandboarding in Mũi Né, Vietnam

If i had to choose between Nha Trang,Mũi Né or Vũng Tàu, i’d pickMũi Né every time. ForMũi Né (pronounced as Muay Neigh) is a coastal resort town abundant with shrimps, sand dunes and natural scenic beauty all around.

Mũi Né, like a freshly baked muffin, exudes warmth and comfort. Nobody will reject a freshly baked muffin, right? I’d gobble it in seconds.

A six hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City, it is better to go with the 7.30am bus instead of the 9am bus. You’ll get there at 1pm and have more time to explore the place before it gets dark.

On the sleeper bus in HCMC

TIP: Tall people will not enjoy sleeper buses as much. Stretching of legs will only be entitled to short beings.


The view of the water from the sleeper bus plunges me into an abyss of serenity.

Arriving in Mui Ne

Arrived at Mũi Né, and waiting for our ride to the resort.

Map of Mui Ne

Here’s a map of Mũi Né

Jeep, best mode of travel to the sand dunes

The internets mentioned that the best mode of transport in Mũi Né is by jeep. I concur.

Towards Red Canyon

We stop by the side of the road and make our way towards the Red Canyon.

At the Red Canyon

You can explore the Red Canyon and the enjoy the vandalism the canyon has garnered over the years.

Hammock timeout

A prologue to the white sand dunes. We enter a hammock picnic zone. No diligence allowed. Only lazing is permitted.

Walking towards the sand dunes

A picture worthy view of a ship getting a suntan.

Mui Ne white sand dunes

Finally here. With the knowledge of a local village boy as our sandboarding guide, we tour the white sand dunes and marvel at its curves.

Mui Ne white sand dunes

TIP: The winds are strong. Tie your long hair or be prepared to get slapped endlessly. Bring sunglasses. Sand will get into your eyes.

Sandboarding in Mui Ne

TIP: Lean back to brake so you don’t slide all the way into the water. Sometimes, lightweight people can’t seem to brake no matter how far back they lean. So they get wet.

Climbing up after sand boarding

TIP: You will leave your bags at the top of the dunes when you sandboard. Make sure at least one friend is up there guarding your belongings.

Mui Ne white sand dunes

BEWARE: When the local boy guide requested for a certain amount for a tip and my friend refused, the boy took out a knife and threatened my friend. The dunes were deserted with no one in proximity, so my friend had to tip the boy. Safety over money in deserted places like this.

All of us weren’t aware that was taking place. We were walking ahead and i even captured a picture of what i thought to be a friendly conversation.

TIP: There is no foolproof way to avoid situations like this even when the amount to be paid has been decided upfront. Always move in pairs or big groups.

Moving away from this ugly picture of greed, the white sand dunes was a great source of delight and joy and was the highlight of my day.

Red sand dunes

Next! We took the jeep to the red sand dunes. The red sand dunes have a larger tourist crowd. As you can see, footprints were everywhere.

Red sand dunes

We take a moment to absorb.

Sunset at Mui Ne Harbour

Then made our way towards Mũi Né harbour to catch the sunset. Really lovely. Like a freshly baked muffin.

Sweeping shrimps

There were villagers collecting shrimps that dried up on the banks.

Leaving Mui Ne

A great place to be.

If you’re interested, Mũi Né gets featured in a motion comic The Art of Pho by submarine channel. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the way Mũi Néwas depicted.


And here in the ever expanding void am i chained to the railings of circumstance!

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  1. cool!! we did sandboarding too but in Peru in Huachachina, a cool place too! (although we didn’t need to tip the guy)

  2. Like Peru, Vietnam is endowed with many ravishing sand dunes, though not as much as the South American nation. Highlight places of Vietnam sand sliding often concentrate in Mui Ne. This is a very new subject in this Asian country; hence, players often need to a guide. With a foundation is gentle sand dunes, Mui Ne is expected as an attractive destination for sand slippers in the near future. (source from

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