Surviving THE rave

A party isn’t just a party when it’s filled with all sorts of madness and things you don’t usually see. Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party was the most epic rave I’ve ever been to and here are some tips on how to survive it!

1. There is no cover charge. 
Some sources and websites say that there’s an entry fee to enter the full moon party. Don’t be fooled, there is absolutely no cover charge and anyone who is collecting money is probably doing it illegally to earn some extra bucks.

full moon party
2. Go bright!
You’d want to wear a white shirt because Neon paint + UV lights = glow + happiness! And if you lose your friends, somehow it’s easier to identify the crazily painted glowing person roaming around in the dark.

full moon party
If you like hard liquor and don’t want to spend too much on shots, buy a bucket. It’s more like a little plastic pail with the perfect combination to get you in your happy mode. My favorite combination is Sangsom (Thai Whisky)+ Coke + Redbull. There’s just something about Sangsom that’s both delicious and gets you where you need to be.

4. Free shots.
Because there are so many bars scattered around the beach, everyone seems to be fighting for business. If you’re lucky, someone at a bar will offer you a free shot to entice you, just so you’ll return to them after. They’re all mostly warm and friendly and full of jokes so no need to worry about hidden motives or what not!

mismatched slippers
5. Attach everything to yourself
There is a VERY high chance that you might be going home with mismatched slippers that aren’t yours, or even completely barefooted. It is rather tough to walk on sand while wearing flip flops, and most people leave them under the wooden stages while they’re dancing and pick them up later. What they don’t realize is how difficult it is to locate your own in a mountain of slippers. I’ve even witnessed a couple of caucasian tourists looking for Havainas their size, trying it on and stealing them! The nerve of those people. And they say that us Asians are cheap?

Personally I hooked my slippers on my shorts using a carabiner but still.. the inevitable happened. I went home with different sized slippers that belongs to god knows who.

6. Avoid Pushers.
Know how to say no. There’s an infamous reputation at the parties in Koh Phangan, where a guy comes up to you and sells you something. The next thing you know, a “cop” shows up and finds you with a stash that you can’t deny belongs to you. Apparently the pushers are known for selling and and snitching on you immediately after, so that the cops can take a bribe from you, confiscate your stash and split the commission with the snitch. So no, i guess you don’t need to take such substances to have fun. Alternatively, you can always check out the “mushroom mountain” (next tip), that’s technically legal but illegal. You know, grey area.

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7. Mushroom Mountain.
On both ends of Sunset Beach are cliffs where one side is occupied by a restaurant (decent business, folks), and the other side is a bar that sells the magical mushroom shakes. You definitely won’t get lost. That famous bar, or what two lesbian hippies referred to “The Mushroom Mountain”, has a giant neon painting of a mushroom. You can’t miss it. Get yourself a mushroom shake and yes. it will taste like ice blended mushrooms and it is really pricey when traveling on a budget, but what-the-heck. Is this an appropriate #yolo moment?

8. Do NOT pay for toilets.
It’s ridiculous that the store owners near the beach charge people about 20baht just to use the washrooms when it’s usually free in the day. The lack of toilets also mean that you’ll see people peeing anywhere and everwhere. Earlier in the night, there’ll be mannered people going to corners of the cliff or hiding behind some bush to take a leak. But once midnight passes and more people start to get intoxicated, there’ll be guys lined up at the sea just doing what they do openly, and you’ll be surprised to see girls doing that too. That clear blue water you see in the day is suddenly not so appealing anymore, huh?


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