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Beijing to Mongolia (UlaanBataar) overland

The journey to UlaanBataar from Beijing can be done in many ways. The local way”, is much more cost efficient but takes a longer time. But judging that you actually save quite a lot...


How to get to Jinshanling (Great Wall) from Beijing

Seeing the Great Wall is epic, but not as epic if you’re on a crowded tour group with hoards of chinese tourists, or if you’re walking on sections of the wall that are overcrowded...


10 things to expect when travelling in China

While China is a huge and beautiful country to travel around, it’s also good to know what to expect to avoid being thrown off by the lack of courtesy or intense culture shock. After...


The bike journey from Samosir to Tele

Many have boasted about the beauty of lake Toba, the geographical wonder of the supervolcano crater, the surreal experience of a certain magical fungi. I took the bait and headed out to Medan to see...



Nihon in the spring of 2016 Tokyo – Takayama – Shirakawago – Kyoto – Osaka


10 ludicrous & crazy experiences on the road

Although I wouldn’t exaggerate and say there have been near death experiences in my travels, some incidences have genuinely made me felt… “Oh shit this is it”. Scraping past dangerous encounters alive can occur...


Getting the ultimate boat tour experience on Inle Lake

It’s impossible to say that you’ve been to Inle lake without taking a boat tour. Plenty of options are available if you waltz into downtown Nyaungshwe, from the overpriced private boats with fancy little...


Nyaungshwe & around Inle Lake

The massiveness of Inle lake is not one to be underestimated. Like most, I thought this was just another regular small lake but in fact, this shallow lake stretches 22km long and densely houses...


Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

This was one of the recommended short hikes to take on every other guide book and it was indeed something special! I was lucky to have met two fellas, Mike & Alex after I...