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Roaming around Kotor Bay

Montenegro is just stunning. Taking the bus in, I was prepared to take naps and wake up in another old town. But the scenic journey into this tranquil bay is worth staying awake for....


Hiking around Bernese Oberland

Being on a 4 month long trip in Europe, I was trying to save as much money as possible and even though many backpackers skip Switzerland, it was one of those places I’ve been...


Verona, city of romance

Italy’s Verona could possibly be the most romantic city I’ve ever been to. People say that Paris is the city of love, but personally I felt that Verona captivated more of that feel for...


Gloomy in Krakow & Auschwitz

T’was cold, wet and overcast almost every day that I was in Krakow. Yet there was something about this city that remains deeply etched in my memories. I’ve heard alot of people say “Go...


3 affordable ways to get around London

1. Get an oyster card if you prefer to walk more and take very few trains The oyster card will provide you with a slightly cheaper fare as compared to buying single tickets. It’s...


Of sunsets

I like being distracted while watching sunsets. You look at this temporary picturesque moment in the sky, then you stop paying attention. When you look up again, it’s always something fresh. Clouds have drifted,...


Escape (Video)

A short video I made of my journey through Europe, Middle East & Sri Lanka. Music by Beach House. Enjoi! Read about it here 🙂


Istanbul on a shoestring

There’s something about Istanbul that captivates me. It could be the culture, the architecture, the food, the people, I just can’t put a finger on it. Istanbul was the city that I spent the...


Exploring the UFO!

A visit to Buzludzha was definitely of the highlights of my trip to Europe. We had heard so much about this UFO building from other travelers, and in the hostel we stayed in, there...