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The bike journey from Samosir to Tele

Many have boasted about the beauty of lake Toba, the geographical wonder of the supervolcano crater, the surreal experience of a certain magical fungi. I took the bait and headed out to Medan to see...


10 ludicrous & crazy experiences on the road

Although I wouldn’t exaggerate and say there have been near death experiences in my travels, some incidences have genuinely made me felt… “Oh shit this is it”. Scraping past dangerous encounters alive can occur...


Vipassana meditation in the land of Dhamma

10 days of joy, silence, physical pain, emotional torment, doubt, brief fleeting moments. A question of self sanity, a battle between perseverance and determination, a challenge of concentration and focusing on awareness. To claim...


Stop, drop and travel

How do you drop everything and just disappear?   Responsibilities, commitments, relationships. These are usually the 3 key reasons for why people suffer with the decision of leaving on a jet plane. As important...


Journey through Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was one of the places I didn’t think about going and the only reason I did was because it was on the way home from Dubai. I spent a whole month there...


Sigiriya, the ancient what?

So we heard all about this ancient palace built on top of a massive rock in the middle of the vast forests. It towers 200m high and has a lot of history and archaelogical...


Escape (Video)

A short video I made of my journey through Europe, Middle East & Sri Lanka. Music by Beach House. Enjoi! Read about it here 🙂