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Journey through Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was one of the places I didn’t think about going and the only reason I did was because it was on the way home from Dubai. I spent a whole month there...


Beach hopping from Arugam Bay to the South coast

With weeks into my Sri Lanka trip, it was time to hit the beach once I was done with all the inland attractions. And was I in serious need of some relax time and...


Ella, Ella, Ella

Ella was my favourite place in Sri Lanka, just because it’s a lazy small town nestled in the mountains. Apart from the fact that Ella is extremely popular with tourists, here is also where...


Sigiriya, the ancient what?

So we heard all about this ancient palace built on top of a massive rock in the middle of the vast forests. It towers 200m high and has a lot of history and archaelogical...


Escape (Video)

A short video I made of my journey through Europe, Middle East & Sri Lanka. Music by Beach House. Enjoi! Read about it here 🙂


7 months on the road

In summer 2013 I decided to quit my job and go around Europe and Middle East. It was something I’ve looked forward since the day I started saving, and I can’t believe it’s now...