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Chasing Temples & Volcanoes (Video)

A short video I made during my 1 month trip in beautiful Indonesia Java > Bali > Lombok Chasing temples & volcanoes from Dara on Vimeo.


Living on an oil rig

An dive rig built to resemble an oil rig is a really nice place to live at temporarily On the lift The interior The deck The deck (view from the other side) You get...


Visiting Mount Bromo during peak season

When people plan to visit Mount Bromo, they have no idea how visually and emotionally exhausting/stimulating the place is. You’ll find tourists walking in all directions, Pop Mie stores distracting you at every opportunity,...


Waterfall between Mount Bromo and Surabaya

Between Mount Bromo and Surabaya is a refreshing waterfall that isn’t crowded with tourists. The locals go there for picnics while the children take dips in the water. It is Madakaripura Waterfall. A really...


Ijen Sulphur Mines

Filled with festive joy and ambition to make this christmas a memorable one, we decided to hike Kawah Ijen right after our 9 hour car ride from Surabaya airport to our Ijen accommodation. TIP:...


Purely Pai

Pai is perfection. Time stops and all that nonsense you worry about in a city doesn’t really matter anymore. The original plan was to stopover for a day or two before heading to Soppong,...