The joy of solo traveling

It never occurred to me how much I actually liked being alone. Just about any decision I make on the road is for me and myself, I don’t have to think too much about compromising to a travel buddy and even if I meet someone along the journey and travel together for a while, there is no obligation to continue going on the same route if things start to go rough or there’s any friction in the newly formed friendship.

I’ve met so many amazing people on the road, and I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with these new friends from all over the world. I’ve traveled with friends and had a blast just being away from our home country. But every now and then I’m reminded that I do need my own space. The beauty of solo travel means there is no dependency on anyone else or expectations from others. We simply move on, and should our paths with the same people ever cross again, it’ll be yet another beautiful connection with a new old friend.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s awesome to travel on your own:

1. Solo travellers also all seem to have this mutual understanding when it comes to personal space.
We don’t crave company, we don’t depend on anyone else and if we make plans to hangout it would be completely ok to make flexible plans and work around unplanned schedules.

2. Traveling on your own also means being able to change your plan at any point.
It’s almost like being your own boss and there no fixed itinerary to stick to. Unless you’re an obsessed planner, still there is the freedom to change anything on your list of plans.

3. Being alone on the road gives you time to discover yourself
There’s ample time on bus /train journeys to reflect, think or read books instead of constantly chatting with another person. It allows you to see more things. I hate that sometimes when I’m commuting, I can’t look out of the window at mountains or look at streets to get acquainted with a city/town visually, because I need to converse with someone. Being in a bus or train is the best way to soak it all in while looking out of the window, or observing the locals.

4. Traveling solo helps you meet locals more easily.
Don’t get me wrong, for I’m not implying that only solo travelers get to meet locals, but people tend to be curious sometimes if they see that you’re by yourself and start a conversation, as compared to if you’re in a group. In some circumstances I can sense that locals are intimidated to approach a group to strike up a chat.

5. It makes you a more adventurous traveller.
I find myself exploring unchartered territories, walking into the unknown and doing bold things like leaping off a cliff and into the sea because I’m not affected by the decisions that other people suggest I should be making. Nobody influences me to think about “safety measures” or what’s “wrong”, and there has been many times that I wouldn’t have done certain things if I was traveling with other people.


The best part of it, traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re constantly on your own. There’s people to meet, should you decide to be social; all it takes is a simple “Hi”. And when the time comes when solitude seems to be the best option, remember that YOU have the choice to do anything you wish because this is YOUR trip, your journey, your vacation and there is no need to feel an obligation to anyone that wants you to do what you do not wish to do.

It’s simply a magical experience to travel solo, and I’d urge everyone to try it once if you haven’t already done it. Forget paranoia, worries and fear, for I have NEVER ever met anyone on the road traveling solo who has lived to regret it.


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